Waterproofing basement with Liquid Rubber BelowGrade

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Project: Waterproofing basement with Liquid Rubber BelowGrade
Description: As described in the previous project, it is important to seal a basement carefully. If the client wants the entire basement 100% waterproofed, then it is possible to cover the entire cellar with Liquid Rubber. If the entire basement is covered with Liquid Rubber, the price will of course be higher in resprect of sealing only the joints. But by sealing the entire basement, the client will receive a 100% waterproofing warranty on the whole basement.

In many places the groundwater level is so high that the basement wall is under constant water pressure. If a small crack occurs in the concrete of the basement wall, sealing only the seams is not enough because the moisture will penetrate into the crack. When Liquid Rubber covers the full basement wall with a flexible waterproof membrane, waterproofing is 100% guaranteed.

The connection is firstly covered with the 1-component Liquid Rubber HBS200 product combined with a geotextile. This ensures that this critical detail is sealed in a solid way. After that, Liquid Rubber BelowGrade is sprayed directly onto the basement wall. This product is applied in a layer thickness of 2mm with a permanent flexibility of 900%. This flexibility ensures that movements of possible cracks can be covered.

Liquid Rubber BelowGrade vulcanizes with the Liquid Rubber HBS200. This ensures that it will form one solid membrane. A high quality seal that will last for many years.

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